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With a rich history and unwavering expertise, ANTI Design stands as a leader in the industry. For over a decade, we have been crafting exceptional designs that make a lasting impact. Our team of skilled professionals possesses a deep understanding of the art and science of design, allowing us to deliver outstanding results across various disciplines. From branding to web design, illustration to animation, our diverse strengths shine through in every project we undertake. Trust in our proven track record, innovation-driven approach, and commitment to excellence. Experience the power of us, unlock your brand’s true potential.

A N T I ?

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A - Artistry

Ignite your brand with ANTI’s captivating artistry. Experience transformative designs that leave a lasting impact.

N - Necessity

Embrace design’s true essence. Unleash the power of necessity. Choose ANTI for purpose-driven creations that captivate and endure. Elevate your brand with our essential approach to design

T - Technology

Masterful technology. Limitless possibilities. We deliver exceptional results by leveraging diverse skills and cutting-edge tools. Experience the difference in our technology-driven approach.

I - Interactivity

Elevate engagement. ANTI’s designs empower interaction, leaving a memorable impact on your audience. Experience the power of interactivity with us.


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Get point, create requirement, provide solution.


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Brentt Bugler|Two Global Eyes

ANTI Design Studio developed and produced the Two Global Eyes explainer video (they previously designed the Two Global Eyes logo). I was extremely impressed with their artwork and creativity. Despite some minor language differences, I enjoyed working with Shel Stone and his commitment and dedication to the Two Global Eyes project was unsurpassed

Michael Tan|Dragonhouse Oakville

Stone has done a lot of design work for my restaurant, including early menus and the website. Back then, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he helped me set up online ordering in advance, which proved to be crucial during challenging times. Furthermore, he assisted me in avoiding extortion and scams from another group. Stone is a highly trustworthy partner, and our relationship goes far beyond friendship.

Lin|Legendary Trading

Stone has established a partnership with us for over three years. He and his team are highly responsible, and you can confidently entrust them with any task as long as he commits to it.



Riccardo Fan|Bear Bear Cafe

I was really happy with the design and the final products! They put a lot of thoughts into the project.! Will definitely coming back for future projects.

Viko|Tongxin Housekeeper

Shel provided highly efficient website design services, and the project was completed and launched in just two weeks. If you need fast website development services, choosing ANTI, operated by Shel, would be an excellent choice.

Yao & Qiqi | Foxy sex toy

Shel consistently uses fantastic creativity to help websites generate more leads. His illustrations perfectly align with the design styles appropriate for different holidays. If you require long-term marketing representation, I highly recommend ANTI.

Jia| Szechuan Noodle Bowl

Since 2018, Xiaoshi has been providing various design materials for my restaurant, including menus, seasonal posters, and web design. He has done an excellent job in all aspects, and I really don’t know what he can’t do.