Featuring Compas Direction Desk by Vitra © Vitra International AG
Featuring Compas Direction Desk by Vitra © Vitra International AG

Discover the perfect centrepiece to complete your home office, making you enjoy your creative work more than ever. We curate the best desks on the market for creative professionals.


13 JULY 2023

As a style-conscious creative, you want a workspace that not only offers comfort and professionalism but also reflects your unique aesthetic. That way, you’ll greet every workday at home with a smile, knowing you’ll be encased in an environment you’ve personally crafted to your needs. And that will instantly make you more motivated, creative and productive.

In our previous article, we explored the world of stylish and comfortable office chairs. Now, it’s time to complete your dream workspace with a selection of beautiful desks, all offering the perfect balance between style and comfort.

These ten handpicked desks combine elegance, functionality and craftsmanship, ensuring your home office becomes a space you’re proud of. We’ve included models to suit all budgets, ranging from minimalist to feature-packed, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our list below.