Meeting Ric originated from last winter when I had a delightful dining experience at Bear Bear Cafe. While eating at the restaurant, the delicious cuisine and unique decor left a lasting impression on me. So, after returning home, I decided to recreate the delectable meal I had with a drawing, which is the food illustration below.

Little did I know that this artwork would lead to a new chapter. To my surprise, Ric stumbled upon my artwork through social media. He not only expressed his admiration for my work but also proposed a collaboration to enhance several design materials for the restaurant. Specifically, Ric wanted a new menu design and two special menus. His praise even before the design work began was heartwarming. Excited, I scheduled a meeting with Ric at the restaurant a day later to discuss our design ideas.

From Ric’s description, I gathered that the menu should capture the same sense of whimsy as my previous artwork. It should also be user-friendly while extending the restaurant’s brand. After thoughtful consideration, I proposed a concept that revolved around themed designs for different seasons and cuisines: Japanese spring and Thai summer (autumn and winter versions are still in processing). Given the extensive menu items, the challenge lay in maintaining a clean and cohesive design.

Ric enthusiastically approved the design concept, expressing a desire to see preliminary sketches promptly. In just two working days, I provided the following design elements.

The initial design focused on line drawings, which allowed for easier revisions during collaborative discussions. Ric suggested some minor changes, like making the bear slimmer and enriching the scenes. After careful reevaluation and adjustments, followed by the addition of colors to the illustrations, we arrived at a more refined draft. To my surprise, Ric was highly satisfied with the result. With some final touches, the Special Menu designs were completed seamlessly.

To maintain consistency, the traditional menu incorporated elements from the restaurant’s interior design. This emphasized the use of the same VI system across various materials. Additionally, a small illustration of the restaurant’s storefront was added to break the monotony of the menu. Overall, the design process took approximately 10 working days from start to finish, thanks to Ric’s efficient communication. Lastly, I’ve attached an image of the printed materials. If you’re interested in our design services, please don’t hesitate to contact us for project timelines and quotations.