Nuad Boran brand and website

by @Shel

March 24, 2024

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William, a friend I met through a car enthusiasts’ group, sought my expertise in brand design after learning about my capabilities. Following a casual encounter, we decided to meet at a local café. William envisioned establishing a traditional Thai massage studio in Maple and enlisted my services as a designer to develop the brand identity and website. He emphasized the incorporation of Thai elements into the brand to reflect the authentic Thai services he intended to offer. Additionally, he aimed for a consistent design language across the website and brand.

William’s vision extended beyond aesthetics; he sought a website that would seamlessly blend functionality with beauty. Ensuring compatibility across desktop and mobile platforms was crucial, alongside the integration of online booking capabilities.

With these requirements in mind, our collaboration began with the development of three initial design concepts, followed by iterative discussions and optimizations. Simultaneously, the website design process commenced, encompassing everything from domain registration to deployment, framework design to UI layout. Each step was undertaken collaboratively with William, ensuring his active participation and satisfaction.

Our design journey was characterized by constant communication and refinement. William’s hands-on involvement and constructive feedback were instrumental in shaping the final outcomes. Together, we meticulously crafted the brand identity and website, striving for perfection at every stage.

Beyond the core brand and website design, we extended our collaboration to encompass ancillary materials such as business cards, postcards, and flyers. This holistic approach ensured that every aspect of William’s brand representation was cohesive and compelling.

William’s satisfaction with the final design results underscores the success of our collaboration. His prompt and insightful feedback, combined with our shared commitment to excellence, propelled the project forward. As we reflect on our journey together, it’s evident that effective communication and mutual respect were the cornerstones of our success. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to providing top-notch design services to clients seeking to elevate their brands and online presence. If you have similar design needs, we invite you to reach out to our studio, where we’ll be delighted to bring your vision to life.

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