Dragon House Oakville

Website & Menu Design

NOV.17th – 2023

In the world of restaurant collaborations, one memorable meeting can lead to a transformative partnership. Such was the case when I first crossed paths with Ric, the mastermind behind a cozy dining spot known as Bear Bear Cafe. This encounter, fueled by scrumptious dishes and an ambiance that captured my artistic soul, set the stage for a creative journey like no other. Little did I know that my art would not only find a new admirer but also pave the way for an exciting project aimed at enhancing the restaurant’s identity.

Designing the Menu:
Our collaboration was centered around one primary task: redesigning the cafe’s menu. However, it wasn’t just about creating a menu; it was about crafting an experience. Ric emphasized the importance of maintaining a whimsical, user-friendly, and brand-enhancing menu. Inspired by this vision, I proposed a concept that revolved around themed designs, each tailored to different seasons and cuisines. From Japanese delights to Thai specialties, we aimed to delight customers with a menu that felt not only practical but also enchanting.

Efficient Collaboration:
One of the key strengths of our collaboration was our efficient communication. Ric’s prompt approval of the design concept showcased his eagerness to see preliminary sketches. Within a mere two working days, I presented a set of initial design elements, primarily focusing on line drawings. This approach allowed for agile revisions, ensuring that the final design perfectly encapsulated Ric’s vision. His feedback was invaluable, helping us refine the illustrations and arrive at a more polished draft. The outcome exceeded expectations, leaving Ric highly satisfied.

Maintaining Consistency:
To maintain brand consistency, we incorporated elements from the cafe’s interior design into the menu. This not only showcased a cohesive visual identity but also ensured that the menu seamlessly blended with the restaurant’s ambiance. Furthermore, we added a charming illustration of the cafe’s storefront, adding a touch of uniqueness to the menu. The entire design process, from concept to completion, spanned approximately 10 working days, thanks to Ric’s efficient and collaborative approach.

In the end, our efforts garnered not only a remarkable menu but also a stronger partnership. Ric’s satisfaction with the final results was apparent, and his generosity shone through when he added a 20% tip to express his appreciation. This project stands as a testament to the power of creative collaboration and the impact of art on restaurant branding. If you’re seeking design services that breathe life into your brand, we invite you to contact us. Let’s embark on a creative journey together, just like Ric and I did.

To maintain consistency, the traditional menu incorporated elements from the restaurant’s interior design. This emphasized the use of the same VI system across various materials. Additionally, a small illustration of the restaurant’s storefront was added to break the monotony of the menu. Overall, the design process took approximately 10 working days from start to finish, thanks to Ric’s efficient communication. Lastly, I’ve attached an image of the printed materials. Ric’s cozy café is located in North York, and I’ve included the address below. I hope you get to see my designs and enjoy your meal there. It’s a warm and inviting spot that offers delicious dishes and a unique dining experience. 

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