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Explainer Animation

MAR.23th – 2021

The work requirement for this project was to create a YouTube advertisement for Finestudio’s SEO services. After communicating with Rain, it was learned that SEO refers to keyword optimization services for business websites, the goal is to improve the Google search rankings for the client’s website and generate more leads for business owners.

After inquiring about what kind of business owners need these services, we designed three scenes based on customer scenarios and the services provided by Finestudio. These scenes depict the anxiety of choosing internet tools, the complexity and numerous interfaces of development tools, and working late into the night to address various optimization issues.

Rain was very satisfied with the initial storyboard for the animation and expressed excitement to see the colored version. Therefore, the storyboard smoothly transitioned to the color design phase without any modifications.

Bright colors were chosen for the animation, and to avoid a lack of texture, noise textures, and grains were added to make the visuals more appealing.

For the animation production phase, After Effects was selected. Anchor controllers were added using the pin tool to control the character’s movements and express the anxiety associated with SEO issues. During the design phase, careful consideration was given to the placement of control points, not only to determine the character’s required actions but also to minimize the workload for the rendering process. The animation process went smoothly, and all actions were fine-tuned in just one week.

Rain was highly satisfied with the final result. Of course, this achievement is not solely attributed to the team, efficient communication with Rain and his continuous feedback and suggestions throughout the process contributed to the continuous improvement of the final result. If you also require similar product animations to illustrate your company’s workflow or promotional advertisements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get in touch with you promptly and provide you with a suitable quote and timeline.

Best regards

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